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Heating Repair


Heating systems are a must on cold winter days. There are various methods and ways to keep your home and workplace warm and comfortable, but it's only possible if your systems are working properly. Malfunctioning systems are of no use, and often cause higher electricity bills due to their low efficiency.

To make sure all your heating systems are up and running properly, we at Williams Plumbing Heating & Air are ready with our experts. We offer all types of heating repair services and maintenance around Guilford County. Our trained experts are available all day of the week, and you can set up an appointment with just one call. Our 45 years of expertise translates to reliability and quality.


At Williams Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, our trained experts can repair and replace almost any types of heating systems used conventionally. For example:

  • Heat Pumps
    They are generally more efficient, simpler, and can provide both heating and cooling.
  • Furnaces
    Whether it's a gas furnace or oil, they're extremely popular choices to keep houses warm and can be joined with ACs to provide both heating and cooling.
  • Geothermal Heating Systems
    Never worry about your surrounding environment as the geothermal systems gather heat from the earth itself.
  • Ductless Split Systems
    No ducts meaning less maintenance and higher efficiency. Ductless split systems are best for rooms, Enjoy a lower electricity bill.
  • Packaged Systems
    These systems are best used in homes that have little room for equipment.


Any malfunctioning system gives some warning. Reading those warnings and going for repair works at the optimum time saves a lot of hassle. If you own any heating system, there are some common signs you can look at to determine whether it needs proper repair.

  • Irregular or insufficient temperature output.
  • Any system that gives out improper temperature readings needs thorough repair work.
  • Loud and strange noises
  • If you experience unusual noises coming out of your heating system, the flow is restricted and it needs repair.
  • Strange odor
  • Smells form due to the growth of microbes, and remain harmful for health until repaired.
  • Sudden on/off
  • This happens usually due to electrical issues which can lead to greater issues of all kinds.
  • Indicators not functioning right
  • Issues with the sensors and thermostat cause this problem, which leads to various inconveniences.


Repairing and replacing both are fundamental parts of maintenance. For heating systems, there are some considerations to determine whether you should repair your system or go for total replacement.

Replacement usually costs much more than normal repair but lasts longer in general. Repairing a system is preferable if it isn't very old, usually under 10 years. But, if you need to repair parts that are expensive or rare, you might consider replacing the system itself with a bit more money. Another indicator that you need replacement is when your system fails constantly within short periods. The cost of repairing rapidly gets higher than replacing it altogether.

The best way to find out whether you should repair or replace is to contact professionals and let them have a look.


Depending on your particular situation, you may either do some repair works yourselves or seek professional help. Simple jobs like cleaning and tidying the system once in a while, changing caps and small simple items, etc. can be done at home without worrying much. But for major repairs, all types of replacements, and longer maintenance jobs, attempting them yourself might be dangerous. Call us anytime to have a quick appointment, and our team will be on your doorstep within minutes.

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lisa Flynn

After months and months of another “cheaper” company coming several times since April, I called these guys for help! My tech Tommy Morgan was early and efficient!! He listened to what we were trying to get “the other guys” to understand but they just kept putting refrigerant back in just for the same problem to arise two weeks later! Tommy came he found the leak quick and was one of the most knowledgeable techs I’ve ever dealt with! They forever have our business!! He also made us aware of their service guarantees and service programs. Thank you guys!!!

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