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UV Germicidal Lights


Working with indoor air quality brings up various scenarios where conventional air filters just aren't enough to maintain the desired level of quality. Sure, you can have fresher air with lower allergens on air conditioners and decrease furnace dust substantially with the use of air filters. But, getting rid of biological pollutants are much harder than conventional issues, and requires a more focused method. With UV germicidal lights, you can achieve that.

At Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air, we provide the best HVAC services and indoor air quality improvement solutions in Guilford County. Our professionals have more than 45 years of expertise in working with these systems, and we offer all types of services for your utmost comfort and health aspects.


It's a special type of lamp that works on UVGI (UV germicidal irradiation) technique that emits UV (ultraviolet-C) light while glowing. This particular light ray destroys DNA pairing and thus removes viruses and bacteria in the process. UVGI process is often used to disinfect water, kitchen appliances, and most importantly, microbe-infested HVAC systems. You can't remove bacteria and viruses by using filters that are made for dust and other mechanical wastes. By using a UV germicidal lamp, you can easily remove microbes and improve your indoor air quality substantially, which benefits your health too. But in order to choose the right one and use it properly, you may need professional help. That's where we come in.


As it's one of the best ways to properly eliminate biological pollutants and achieve a new level of indoor hygiene quality, you should get one too. Joining them with your air conditioners or other HVAC systems can be a hassle. We at Williams provide installation, maintenance. repair and replacement services for germicidal lamps, to ensure they will run as intended and eliminate germs with proper efficiency.

Maintenance jobs are crucial for these systems, as they lose efficiency after a certain period of time. Regular inspection and maintenance are the keys to have a longer system lifespan. With our periodic maintenance program, you can be relieved from all the tensions of whether your system is running properly, and it's cheaper than sudden emergency repair works. However, if you do need repair jobs, we're here for you too. But sometimes, the repair process isn't the best choice, especially for old systems. Continuous repairs might take up more money than buying a new one altogether. Making the right decision between repair and replace at the right time can save you some serious cash. We can help you determine and schedule that too. Regular maintenance jobs come with the benefit of being able to see exactly what's going on throughout an extended time period, which helps determine the proper time when you should indeed buy a new one. Consult with us for a helping hand in making decisions.


Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air makes it very easy to have an appointment at the most inconvenient times when you're in a dire need of maintenance. For residents of Guilford County, our on-call emergency service lets you secure an appointment with just one call, and our teams of experts will be at your doorsteps in no time.

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Jerry McGuire

As a customer for several years, I have become use to Williams P&H fine service. Yesterday, Williams sent two technicians to complete a semiannual HVAC check-up of the system at my home. Tommy and Grayson performed the service at a level that exceeded the excellent standards set by Williams over the years of service. Their work was fantastic and was done in a very professional way....thank you Williams P&H!!!

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