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Furnaces ensure your home stays warm no matter how cold of a winter day it is. As a cost-effective form of the HVAC system, it is efficient and easy to use. But, the installation of a new furnace and doing repair works on it is another challenge altogether. That's where we come in.

We at Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air, offer the highest quality of services when it comes to any HVAC system installation and maintenance. Our trained experts have been serving the Guilford County area for over 45 years with an excellent track record. We can help you choose the right system for your home and workplace, install them perfectly to ensure longevity and efficiency, do periodic maintenance works when needed to keep them running fluently, plan and execute replacements if necessary, and the whole deal.


Why should you ask the professionals before choosing your setup? That's because it depends on various criteria such as:

  • Target Size
    Depending on the size of your home, the target size of your furnace can vary. For inexperienced people, it's very easy to make the mistake of spending more to buy a larger furnace that is not needed, and ultimately it results in energy wastage and more cost. Alternatively, choosing too small can lead to an uneven and insufficient supply of heat that is too low to heat your whole room. This requires calculations regarding heat output, insulation members, and many more.
  • Compare Costing
    Needless to say, there are many brands and models to choose from, ranging from cheap to really expensive ones. But there is a fine line between reliability, performance, and pricing. We can help you choose the better deal among a bunch of options.
  • Fuel Source and Efficiency
    Fuel source determines which furnace you should use. Be it gas or electric furnace, the type of fuel you have at your disposal dominates the type of system. A natural gas furnace runs cheaper than oil ones, and electric furnaces skip the fuel part altogether but loads your electricity bills. These considerations are very important before proceeding to buy.
  • Investing in a Filter
    Filters are used to keep the air clean when the furnace runs, as dust particles are produced which may harm your health. Some furnaces don't need one because they come with an inbuilt filter, but for some other ones, it's essential. Make the right decisions with our help.

These are some important considerations when you're looking for an installment, and we can help you choose and install the perfect system.


If you don't plan, your existing furnace may break down and stop working on the coldest night of the next winter. This would be greatly inconvenient and discomforting, so planning for a maintenance service is almost always a better solution than repairing. Also, regular maintenance keeps the system healthy and running, and prolongs its longevity.

But when do you need maintenance? You can consult and plan your maintenance services with our experts. And yes, we also do repair works when things go completely south, and proactively determine what your next moves should be.


Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air offers excellent services on your furnace installation and maintenance, including any other HVAC systems. Feel free to call us any time. Our on-call emergency service lets you secure an appointment with just one phone call, and one of our teams will be on their way any hour of the week.

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Cindy Murphy

This has been our go to company for several years. From a clogged toilet, mini split heat and air for our sunroom to our new hot water tank that they replaced today. They are quick to respond to your needs and provide quality service. Our technicians Guido and Bill were knowledgeable, polite and awesome workers. We would highly recommend this company to anyone.

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