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Packaged Units


Packaged HVAC units are the best choices for total control of your surrounding weather and maintain efficiency and reliability for the whole workstation or home. As you can imagine, choosing the right components and setting them up just perfectly takes more than a pair of hands, it requires a team with expertise. That's where we come in.

We at Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air offer the best services for any HVAC system installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement, including packaged HVAC systems. One call is enough to secure an appointment and our team will be at your place in no time, any day of the week. If you're unsure about this system, let's dive into it!


Basically, packaged HVAC units are just like their standalone counterparts except they are installed in your home or office collectively. There is a cabinet that is built into the home where you install all of the equipment. When you install a standalone HVAC system, you only need to install the units inside your home, connect the pipes, compressor, and air handlers. The HVAC system inside the cabinet has a plug-in air handler inside of it to make sure the ducting is connected to your indoor heating and cooling system. The indoor heating and cooling system need to connect to the ducts with your main unit installed outside your home, so it takes out the hassle of having the indoor system run on low heat or high heat all the time.


There are lots of reasons to choose a packaged unit over other standalone HVAC units. Let's look into the advantages it brings with it:

  • Improved heating & cooling efficiency
    As the systems are joined, they can work collectively and it improves the overall efficiency of the whole system compared to individual split systems.
  • Lower cost of maintenance
    Packaged systems are easy for maintenance jobs and repairs because they are combined within a space and it makes the process of finding and removing issues much easier.
  • No need for standalone ductwork
    Ductworks are space-consuming and complicated. Setting up ductworks for every individual unit would get even more complicated. But with packaged systems, you only need one for the whole job. This makes the whole process easier.
  • Easier and faster installation and replacement
    Again, as all the units are in one place, it becomes very easy to install or replace any system in minutes. In addition to this, you don't need individual ductwork replacements for every issue.
  • Lower energy cost
    As the packaged units work automatically and simultaneously, you don't need to switch to other units continuously, and the process saves energy and reduces electricity bills and fuel consumption.
  • Save your space
    Packaged units are great choices for a compact space operation. For every individual split system and their ductworks, lots of space is needed. But with packaged systems, this issue is minimized.

These were some of the advantages over other units.


Coming with lots of advantages, packaged units also require a team of experts who know how to set up and maintain such units properly. Doing it yourself or relying on inexperienced workers can lead to inefficiency, lower reliability, or even not functioning at all.

In addition to that, determining the right units for your given size of space is another factor to consider in calculations. Without the right sizing, the packaged unit will either run lower than it's meant to or use higher energy than it needs, diminishing efficiency in the process. Choosing the right sets of units for your application is also a key factor.

You can leave all the guesswork and technical aspects on our teams of experts to enjoy a reliable and efficient setup, perfectly tailored to your home or work needs. We provide the best HVAC services in Guilford County and are awaiting your call.

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