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Duct Replacement


Ductwork is a necessity for your HVAC system that carries heat in and out of your room via different HVAC systems in use. It's a type of path for air. A clean, well-maintained ductwork system helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, improve efficiency for airflow and heat transfer. Unfortunately, regular cleaning is not enough to make it last a lifetime. As ductwork ages, it becomes clogged with dust and debris, which reduces airflow and creates an uncomfortable indoor environment, and after some years it loses its usability due to multiple leakage points and rusted frameworks. Replacing ductwork can be a very tricky job depending on your system and surrounding.

Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air, the leader in all types of HVAC system installation and maintenance, offers duct replacement services to ensure your system is working properly. Our teams of experts have over 45 years of professional experience in serving the people of Guilford County, and we can help you with any ductwork services you need.


After a certain time period, your ducts become too unusable to keep. Ducts are responsible for constant and continuous heat delivery to and from your rooms. Various HVAC systems like heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, etc. rely directly on ducts for heat transfer. So, no matter how good of a system you have, without proper ductworks, you'll lose much efficiency for the same level of power input. Regular ductwork maintenance and replacement at the right time keeps your systems up & running without any loss.

Ducts can be damaged for multiple reasons. The most prominent one is age. After 10 or more years of service under rapid pressure and temperature fluctuations, the material properties of a closed-loop like this can't keep up with the requirements. Rusts and wear start to appear. Even before the 10-year mark, ducts can be damaged easily due to accidental reasons. But how do you detect if your ducts aren't working properly? Although ducts are built in places where it's difficult to investigate, here are a few possible signs that you should replace one:

  • The duct is over 10-12 years old
    If used properly, ducts can last up to 10 years without major incidences, but keeping the old ones even after 12 years isn't recommended. Beyond this mark, you should get a new one even if you can't detect other identifying issues.
  • Strange noises
    Generally, ducts are silent. They might make a small noise every now & then, due to high-speed airflow. But sudden strange noises coming out usually means the duct is damaged and possibly has a leak. Noises can also be generated for dents and internal clogging, on which air gets disrupted and creates noise.
  • Disrupted airflow
    Air should flow without any hindrances inside the duct. But, if you notice a lower volume of airflow than usual, check your HVAC systems to see if they're working properly. If they're okay, the ducts might be to blame. A damaged duct can disrupt the continuous flow of air, and decrease the flow rate.
  • Odors coming out
    This happens due to dust, molds, and microbial infestation inside your ducts. During the airflow operation, they might get in, spread, and create foul smells. It's particularly tricky to purify the air inside the ducts with conventional methods, and you might need a replacement.
  • Bad duct material and installation
    The performance of ducts solely depends on the materials used to make them, and lower-quality ducts can break down faster than premium ones. However, an important consideration is how it's installed. Improper installation can lead to a shorter lifespan of ducts. There are various factors to install them properly, like treating sharp corners, giving proper space for a given airflow rate, etc.
  • Higher energy consumption
    This happens commonly because of issues with the HVAC system itself, but if they're okay and you're still getting a higher electricity bill, chances are your ductwork is reducing the efficiency and it needs replacement.


Whatever the issue is, to locate the proper cause and remedy, you should get help from professionals. As ducts are often placed over ceilings and locations where It's tricky to find where the real issue is, seeking expert help can make the whole process of what to do more efficient and decide the next best steps, whether you should install a new one or repair the existing one. We at Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air, provide all kinds of services for your safety and comfortable life. Call us any day of the week to get a quick appointment, and our experts will be on their way.

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