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Heat Pumps


Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air offers all types of services for heat pumps, including installation, maintenance, repairing, and replacement. We have been working on HVAC systems around Guilford County for 45 years with an excellent track record and the utmost importance to client satisfaction, reliability, and efficiency.

Our teams of experts can easily identify issues, choose the right setups and necessary steps to make sure your heat pump systems are up & running. All it takes is just a call to set appointments any day of the week, and we'll ensure you get the comfort and warmth on cold winter days that you solely desire.


Simply put, heat pumps are a form of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) system. It uses liquid or gaseous refrigerants that carry and transfer heat from one side to another. The side where heat is absorbed gets colder, and the side where heat is released gets hotter. By reversing the process, a heat pump can do both heating and cooling, despite what the name suggests.

They are greatly efficient and a popular form of the HVAC system. Normal air conditioners only do cooling and need a dedicated furnace system to provide heat, but a heat pump can do both itself.


With 45 years of experience on hand, we know every practical detail of heat pump, technical aspects, best choices, and other factors. Choosing the right system for your space and budget requires an insight into the marketplace, while installation and maintenance jobs require delicate calibrations, technical knowledge, and experience because if done wrong, this can lead to poor efficiency, higher energy costs, and a shorter lifespan of the systems. That's why you need expert professionals to ensure everything is at its best, and that's where we come in.


Like all systems, heat pumps too will need repairs and maintenance jobs. What you need depends on many factors. A good installation job ensures that your system will last longer, decreasing the necessity of maintenance and replacements. However, there are ways to determine when your system is failing and you should approach the professionals. For example, if your heat pump is giving off unusual sound, odor, and most importantly when it doesn't perform as well as it should be. You'll be able to feel the loss of efficiency when the temperature output is not up to the mark. Higher energy consumption, leaking fluids, etc. are some general signs that you need repairs. If your system is fairly old, or if your repair cost is getting higher exponentially, you might need to replace the whole system. Whatever the case is, we at Williams are there to help.

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Darlene Mizell

So knowledgable and interested. Brandon took time to review his findings and explain them to me. He took pride in knowing he left a truly cleaned and maintained system for me ( the customer ) super nice guy. Called to let me know he was on the way prior to arriving. I feel confident the system is now ready for the summer to provide me with cool clean air. Thanks Brandon and the Williams team.

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