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Water Heaters


From water for consumption to bathing, cooking & washing, water heaters are the most efficient ways to get hot water for a fraction of time compared to conventional stove-heating. But all these advantages of having one turn into great inconvenience when suddenly your water heaters don't work. Electricity bills rise rapidly yet you don't get the expected heating efficiency.

At Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air, we provide all types of services for these situations. We can repair, maintain, and replace existing heating systems, and also help you choose the best options for your needs. With over 45 years of experience working in Guilford County, we provide the best solutions to plumbing, heating, and HVAC system services.


The job of a water heater is simple, to produce heated water. But there are numerous methods to achieve that goal, for different situations and demands. All have their pros and cons.

  • Storage tank water heater
    The most commonly used one is the storage-tank water heater. It consists of a tank with a heater. The tank volume determines the amount of heated water you can get before refilling. Larger tanks provide more hot water at a given time, but also comes expensive. A small tank will fall short of providing you constant and high volume hot water, so choose according to the size. However, these types are relatively cheaper than the others, because of being the most commonly used.
    The insulated tank requires a periodic cleanup to maintain water quality. It might get tricky while installation, but since the design is fairly simple, maintenance jobs are scarcely needed.
  • Tankless/On-demand water heater
    Also known as tankless heaters, these are the fastest way to get hot water, as much as you need. The system doesn't require a water tank, rather the heater is directly connected to the water supply, and heats the water on the go. This eliminates the necessity of a storage tank, which means you don't need to clean any tank at all, and it isn't limited to the tank volume as well, as it can produce as much hot water as you want within the rate of flow. Depending on the size, tankless heaters can heat a higher volume of water at a time, perfect for large families. The initial and installation costs are higher, but for higher demands, nothing can beat tankless heaters.

There are also numerous other types of water heaters for different demands.


As you're going to live with your water heater for the next couple of years, it's best to have all your criteria sorted out. There are numerous types of heaters in the market, and choosing the best one for your budget and need is the key to a long and fruitful year of service.

The most important consideration is, how much hot water and the flow rate you need. This dictates the size of the tank you should get or the rated flow rate of your heater. If you buy a smaller tank in contrast to your home requirements, you might suffer. This also dictates your electricity consumption rate. Secondly, you should get one with a proper warranty, so that you can replace it in the untimely event of failure without spending more. Your budget is also a crucial factor, and depending on this, you might have to rethink the material quality and longevity you might get. There are various extra features like a digital display, better sensors, control systems, and other things you can get if your budget isn't short.


Periodic maintenance and repair jobs are an integral part of any system, including water heaters. Maintenance jobs keep the system up and running at its best, increase the lifespan and quality. But, at a certain point, you will need repairs. Times when you encounter issues like higher electric bills than average, yet lower heating efficiency, other issues like material degradation, microbial infestation, leaking fluid, and many more, that's the time you really should seek professionals for a repair job. Repairs are cheaper than outright replacement, where you replace the whole system or a portion of it with a new one. But, when you see that the system is taking too much repairing, it's better to replace it than spending more to repair it.

No matter what your system needs, we're here to help. We provide all sorts of maintenance, repair, and replacement services, and our teams will suggest to you the next best move that can save you future hassle and cost. Call us any day of the week to secure an appointment, and our teams of experts will be on your doorstep in no time at all.

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