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Heating Installation


A reliable solution to any HVAC system, Williams Plumbing Heating & Air provides the best services for heating systems installation and maintenance in Guilford County. With our 45 years of expertise, you can rely on us to deliver the best solutions in a fraction of a time.

Heating systems are essential in winter. Often they go unchecked and as a result, fail at the most inconvenient time of winter season, ruining the comfort and peace you deserve. No matter how good the system is, it will eventually require proper maintenance, which is where we come in. Our teams of experts will provide you the best services for heating system maintenance. And if you've bought one recently, we can help you install the system perfectly. It takes an experienced set of hands to ensure the heating systems are installed and functioning as expected.


At Williams, we offer heating services to almost every type of HVAC systems generally used. Installation, maintenance and replacing, Williams got you covered. Our goal is to provide energy-efficient services, and these are the types of heating system we generally service:

  • Heat Pumps
    Generally considered a better alternative to AC systems because of their ability to provide both heating and cooling, heat pumps are also more efficient than most other HVAC systems and are reliable for households and workspaces. Get comfortable both in summer and winter with one of these, and save electricity bills at the same time.
  • Gas and Electric Furnaces
    Furnaces are very helpful for heating your home. And, they can be joined with air conditioners, enabling them to provide both heating and cooling. If you already own an air conditioning system, furnaces are the way to go. It's also an extremely popular choice of HVAC system throughout the country but requires quite a bit of expertise in installation.
  • Ductless Split Systems
    As the name suggests, these systems are ductless, meaning the indoor unit and outdoor unit are connected directly without the hassle of the duct. This provides higher efficiency and reliability and is best used for small spaces to evenly transfer temperature. No leakage and pouring issues with these systems. But, these systems work best when the outside temperature is above freezing, below that, the systems might struggle to extract temperature.
  • Geothermal HVAC Systems
    These systems use the earth as the heating source, which means it hardly has any impact and dependence on the outside temperature. They are also very efficient.
  • Packages
    The packaged system consists of an HVAC systems combined, to get the benefits of all of them. They're best utilized in homes without room for equipment. And, they provide great heating and cooling.

Contact us any day of the week if you need heating system installation and maintenance services around Guilford County, and our teams will be on your doorstep within minutes.

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Jerry McGuire

As a customer for several years, I have become use to Williams P&H fine service. Yesterday, Williams sent two technicians to complete a semiannual HVAC check-up of the system at my home. Tommy and Grayson performed the service at a level that exceeded the excellent standards set by Williams over the years of service. Their work was fantastic and was done in a very professional way....thank you Williams P&H!!!

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