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Ionization Generators


We at Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air, not only provide all HVAC system services but also give the best possible solutions when it comes to indoor air quality management. For normal impurities, dust and mechanical wastes from HVAC systems can be prevented with the use of air filters. But for specialized applications like finer dust particles and microbial infestations, choosing an ionization generator is one of the best ways to get the highest standards of air quality.

There are lots of choices and considerations to make when it comes to acquiring one for yourself. Depending on your budget and floor space, certain choices can make your air purification more efficient. Installation and repair work also requires some technical aspects. With our experts from Williams, you can have all types of services for ionization generators. Our experts have been serving the people of Guilford County for over 45 years and our job is to ensure the best options and perfect setups within your budget.


Commonly known as air ionizers or ionic filtration systems, an ionization generator commonly generate negative ion charges (anions) that attract and charge the airborne particles. Balanced ionizers work reversely by neutralizing charged particles. In air ionic purifiers, this technology is used to charge air particles in proximity. The charged air particles are then gets attracted to any neutral or ground plane surface, which then sucks the particles on its surface, making the air clean.

Ionization generators are an effective way to remove finer dust particles and microbes that can't be filtered through conventional air filtration systems. Unlike conventional filters, these ionizers don't need a fan to draw out the dust, and hence they consume much less energy. Various types of air ionizers are found in the market.


Air ionizers are getting attention nowadays because of their various advantages over other purification methods. First off, they're very effective at removing air impurities that are overlooked by conventional filtration systems. So, they ensure much better air quality. They don't replace conventional filters completely, because they can't efficiently remove the heavier dust elements like what you get from the furnace. But for lightweight and finer particles, they're incredible choices. Pair them with regular filters and you get the best of both worlds.

Ionization generators are also completely safe for your health and environment, unlike ozone generators which are not the same. The charged air around you won't affect your health and the electric equipment around you like computers and phones, so you can use them without any headache. The electricity bills are negligible for these systems too, as there aren't any moving elements required.


Choosing the right air ionizers requires a bit of research, like what type of performance are you expecting. Depending on various model types, ionizers can remove dust, pet dander, pollen, spores, and many more impurities from air, smoke, and smells too because they're also carried out by particles. Premium ones have a higher range of cleaning ability.

The area you want to cover is another important factor. For bigger rooms, you need a high-performance ionizer to effectively clean the air, but for smaller rooms, a general one would do just fine. The most important one is your budget, which can offer a vast range of products. To choose the perfect system for your home, installation procedure, periodical maintenance jobs, learn about when to repair and when to replace, call us at Williams and we'll take care of the rest.

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