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Duct Sealing


Ducts are one of the most important elements of your HVAC setup that determines the efficiency and air quality you're getting but are often overlooked. Ducts in an improper state can cause various unexpected issues and inconveniences. The reason why they're often overlooked is their positioning which is often above the roof or some other places we don't bother to check. Duct sealing is a great way to have the duct thoroughly checked and maintained for the best performance.

We at Williams Plumbing, Heating, & Air, provide all kinds of services for HVAC systems, air quality improvements, and all comfort options for you. We also offer all duct works including duct installation, maintenance, and duct sealing services. With over 45 years of professional experience, our teams of experts have been serving the people of Guilford County with dedication and utmost priority for your satisfaction.


Duct sealing ensures that your whole HVAC system will work as intended, with proper efficiency. A properly running HVAC won't be able to deliver the best performance with faulty ductwork. Moreover, damaged ducts can lead to various other problems like air leaking, airflow hindrance, dusty indoor air, and a higher electricity bill in general. Ducts get damaged due to continuous and rapid fluctuations of temperature and pressure, which degrades the material integrity. This also depends on how the duct is placed, and the type of material being used. After a certain time, tear and leakage occur in ducts which ruin the efficiency.

Although it's our job to determine if the duct should be repaired or replaced, by detecting some signs, you can determine if you need a duct sealing service. For example:

  • Temperature and airflow fluctuation
    Damaged ducts often hinder the airflow, or leaks it into ineffective spaces, which causes fluctuations in the expected airflow or temperature. If you're suddenly experiencing such issues and your HVAC system itself is okay, you might need duct sealing.
  • Increased electricity bills
    Again, if your HVAC is working properly, and you're still getting a higher electricity bill, it means the energy consumption is getting higher due to improper ductwork, which is getting lost and you need duct sealing to deal with this.
  • Dust and pollutant presence
    Damaged ducts leak air that doesn't go through the filtration systems installed on the opening. This leaked air contains pollutants like dust and pollen, which gets into your room without any trouble even if you have filters installed. So, if you're experiencing a higher amount of pollutants in your indoor air, and if your filter is working fine, it means the duct needs servicing.
  • Unexpected humidity level
    If you're experiencing lower humidity even if you have a humidifier installed, or alternatively, if you're experiencing higher moisture levels with a dehumidifier installed, chances are your ducts are the reason for this issue.


Duct sealing is generally more difficult than conventional issues, as you need to inspect the whole duct to check where's the issue, take into account the material integrity, and so on. It requires measurement, technical knowledge, and a good deal of hard work. To ensure proper sealing, various methods and steps are required, sometimes including welding and other heavy tasks which are extremely difficult to do alone. All these call for professional help, and that's what we're here for.

Our teams of experts can check and do a proper duct sealing procedure in a short time and get it running smoothly again. Whether you need a new duct or just a straight-up repair job, we can provide all types of services you need. Duct issues shouldn't be neglected, as they lead to various other inconveniences and sometimes, damages to other systems. Call us any day of the week to get an appointment, and our teams of experts will be at your home in no time.

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Joanie Tomar

We have used Williams for 14 years and they have always been great. During a four-day downpour in May, our basement flooded big-time for the first time. Everything that was down there was ruined. We had to get a basement company to completely seal our 92 year-old home including digging a french drain along the perimeter, sump pump, and dehumidifier. It was an unexpected very expensive job and very stressful during a pandemic. Unfortunately, we had to get the new HVAC moved to the center of the room (that Williams installed in August) moved to the center of the room along with the gas hot water heater. Williams was ALWAYS working with us throughout the entire process (including moving out an old boiler, finding rusted pipes and replacing them, and putting in new pipes and a vent for a new washer and dryer). They coordinated perfectly with the basement company and we never had to wait for them as they came the day before the basement company was starting the job and came the day after they finished. All staff was available for all my calls, which were plenty, including Lisa, Lynn, and a new office person (I wish I had her name!). This is the third big job they have completed for us and we have never been disappointed. They go beyond our expectations and really know what they are doing. VERY professional and caring.
Sometimes I hear that they are a little more expensive than other companies but they are worth the money because we never have to worry about the job not being done right. They ALL came in protected, with masks, booties, and gloves and never took them off and kept a safe distance which was very important to us. We would like to thank everyone involved by name and tell them how much we appreciated everything they did: Dan the owner (was very involved and came several times he helped with the HVAC system), and definitely the workers, Sebastian, Bill, and Brad. They were the bomb! We can't tell you how much we appreciate you being there for us! Larry & Joanie T.

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