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AC Repair


Repairing an air condition system requires a skilled and honest team. Finding experts around your neighborhood can be a blessing in troubling times like these. Williams Plumbing Heating & Air Condition offers some of the best solutions to air condition repair around Guilford County. AC installation is a general procedure, but AC maintenance calls for a highly professional touch if reliability is the main factor.

Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air Condition offers that level of expertise you need. Being a trustworthy name in Guilford County for more than 45 years, you can always count on our teams of expert professionals to find the best solutions for your air condition issues. With the best in class tools, our teams are standing by 24/7 and you can get the service with just one call.


The need for AC maintenance doesn’t occur by schedule, and most often catches you in the worst time of the day without any convenience, hampering your work and peace of mind. Finding the right sets of hands at that moment is even bigger of a challenge. Worry no more, as our On-Call emergency service lets you get to us any day of the week. Our technicians will accept appointments and be on their way with just one call from you. No scheduling over the weekends, minimize your inconvenience with our services.


If you can point out some of the common issues, you can save yourself a hassle in the event of a complete breakdown in your air conditioning system. However, trying to fix these issues without the proper experience is the last thing you want to do. Call our experts to come and have a look around if you notice these issues:

  • Less or no cooling
    What's the point of having an AC that doesn't cool your surroundings on a hot summer day? If you experience inadequate or no cooling from your AC, the efficiency has gone down and it needs proper maintenance.
  • Noises coming from inside
    A clean maintained AC doesn't make any noise. A faint sound of the fans, sure. But never a disturbance. So, if you hear strange noises coming from your AC, you need to check it with professionals.
  • Refrigerant leaking
    Refrigerants are what keeps the humidity and temperature in check, and under no condition should they leak out.
  • Spiking electricity bills
    Every AC has a rated electricity consumption, which determines the electricity bills you're going to get at a given rate of usage. An AC might need maintenance if suddenly the electricity bills spike beyond expectations.
  • Bad Smells coming from the AC
    This happens due to the growth of microbes within your air conditioning system, and it needs proper cleanup, or else the smells will nothing but increase.

These are some of the most common signs you need an AC maintenance. Call us any day of the week and we'll send our bests to identify and solve those issues quickly.

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Julia Costas

I just had my central air conditioning replaced and am extremely happy with my experience. Anthony did the initial visit and was exceptional in explaining what needed to be done. Sebastian came out to replace our air conditioning and much more with re routing the air flow in order to make it more efficient. Both Anthony and Sebastian were genuinely concerned about the air quality in my home being upgraded for a more healthy environment. Also Ken was extremely helpful advising me from the office with questions I had. The entire team was so professional. I would not use any other service than Williams.

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