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Geothermal Systems


A geothermal heating and cooling system is a type of home heating and cooling system that relies on the steady temperature of the ground to provide warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. Geothermal HVAC systems are quickly becoming the green alternative to traditional air conditioning. Geothermal heating and cooling systems can be installed in new or existing homes, and they use the earth’s constant temperature to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air offers all types of services regarding the installation, maintenance, and repairing of geothermal HVAC systems. They're great choices for home and workplace but require expertise for any operation, Our experts have over 45 years of experience working with various HVAC systems around Guilford County.


Geothermal systems work by circulating a mixture of water and antifreeze between an underground geothermal heat pump and the home’s HVAC system. This mixture is pumped through an underground loop and back to the heat pump. It is similar to the way a refrigerator works, but instead of cooling inside with liquid, we're using the earth under our feet. The heat from inside the home is absorbed and moved away.

With the help of deeply dug piping, the refrigerant liquid is transferred to and from under the frost line. Below the frost line, the temperature stays constant regardless of the outside weather. It feels warmer relative to the winter season room temperature, and colder relative to summer temperature. So, by extracting the underground temperature, we can stay warm in cold, and the reverse process lets us stay cool in summer. The two phases make up a loop system.


The benefits of geothermal HVAC systems are plenty. Although the technology is quite old, these systems are gaining huge traction for people in search of clean energy and reliability. Here are some of the examples of why you should get one too.

  • It's the only green form of reliable HVAC technology. This means close to zero or no carbon footprints at all, while you get all the added benefits.
  • This is a great choice for cost-effectiveness. The installation cost is higher than a traditional system, but you save money long term based on its energy efficiency.
  • The efficiency is also huge compared to other systems because you don't need fuel to run it. It depends on the earth's inner stored virtually limitless energy.
  • No fuel means no combustion is necessary. This keeps the air and environment clean and cuts down costs.
  • The loop system can be reversed easily, and you can get both heating and cooling throughout the years.
  • From a sustainability standpoint, it's a great choice. The system is usable for a long time and takes very low electricity to operate.
  • The energy output you get is dependable, as there is no fluctuation of temperature.

If you're excited about this type of HVAC system and looking forward to choosing and install one, call us and our on-call emergency service will let you have an appointment any day of the week.

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Joanie Tomar

We have used Williams for 14 years and they have always been great. During a four-day downpour in May, our basement flooded big-time for the first time. Everything that was down there was ruined. We had to get a basement company to completely seal our 92 year-old home including digging a french drain along the perimeter, sump pump, and dehumidifier. It was an unexpected very expensive job and very stressful during a pandemic. Unfortunately, we had to get the new HVAC moved to the center of the room (that Williams installed in August) moved to the center of the room along with the gas hot water heater. Williams was ALWAYS working with us throughout the entire process (including moving out an old boiler, finding rusted pipes and replacing them, and putting in new pipes and a vent for a new washer and dryer). They coordinated perfectly with the basement company and we never had to wait for them as they came the day before the basement company was starting the job and came the day after they finished. All staff was available for all my calls, which were plenty, including Lisa, Lynn, and a new office person (I wish I had her name!). This is the third big job they have completed for us and we have never been disappointed. They go beyond our expectations and really know what they are doing. VERY professional and caring.
Sometimes I hear that they are a little more expensive than other companies but they are worth the money because we never have to worry about the job not being done right. They ALL came in protected, with masks, booties, and gloves and never took them off and kept a safe distance which was very important to us. We would like to thank everyone involved by name and tell them how much we appreciated everything they did: Dan the owner (was very involved and came several times he helped with the HVAC system), and definitely the workers, Sebastian, Bill, and Brad. They were the bomb! We can't tell you how much we appreciate you being there for us! Larry & Joanie T.

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