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Air Filtration


Air filtration systems are the best affordable ways to improve indoor air quality easily. Air cleaners are incredible choices to keep the air quality of home and workspace clean by removing pollutants like dust and spores. Best suited for the right environment, there are various types of air filters and cleaners that are used worldwide.

We at Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air, provide all types of services regarding indoor air quality improvement, which also includes air filtration systems installation, maintenance, and repair jobs. Our teams of experts have over 45 years of experience serving the people of Guilford County, and our goal is satisfaction and reliability.


Like any type of filter, air filtration systems work with the help of a filter medium, which blocks all the harmful particles from air when it goes through, kind of like a face mask. The finer the filtration medium, the better the protection, which depends on the application of it. The numerous tiny holes in the filter block any airborne particle that has a larger diameter than its holes. Beyond this mechanism, there are other types of filters that use different methods to remove specific types of harmful particles, like using electric charge, UV rays, etc.


There are numerous types of air filtration systems found in the market, depending on the room size, efficiency, and purity level needs. You can use these filters with your HVAC systems, ductways or airflow entry points to get the most out of them, as the conditioned air that enters from outside contains the most amount of pollutants. For example,

  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter
    These are some of the most effective types of filters that provide maximum levels of air purity. They can even block bacteria in some cases, with over 99% filtration rate. They are used for home and medical purposes and are effective for both large and small particles, but might fall short on fumes and smoke.
  • Electrostatic filters
    These filters use an electric charge to attract pollutant particles, keeping them off of your indoor air. The charged particles get stuck to the fiber cloth it comes with. You can wash and re-use the cloth many times without replacement, as particles don't go through the cloth, they just get stuck to it until you wash it off. However, since they rely on electric charges, these filters can't effectively attract and block heavier particles.
  • Pleated filters
    With a bigger surface area, pleated filters are great choices to filter more air at a time with a less restrictive airflow, but they aren't as efficient as a HEPA filter. They're great choices for populated rooms where high airflow is needed.
  • UV filters
    Also known as UV Germicidal Lamps, UV filters are a specialized type of filter used to remove bacteria and microbe presence, as well as various other types of pollutants. The passing air gets disinfected by UV light. But, these filters aren't effective at filtering out conventional pollutants, dust, and smokes. They're better when used with another type of filter.
  • Media filters
    It's another commonly used type of filter that is cost-effective, offers higher surface area, and also very efficient at filtration. Although the installation process is more complex than the others, it requires less maintenance and replacements, making it perfect for long-term usage.


When it comes to air filters, choosing the best one for your home and workspace depends on various criteria, like what size of the room you're cleaning, the quality of the air you're aiming at, the HVAC system you're using, and most importantly, your budget. There are other technical aspects like MERV ratings, electricity or energy consumption rate, etc. To decide the best one for yourself, we're here to help, as we have long-term knowledge of the marketplace.

After choosing comes the installation. There are some types of filters that are extremely easy to install and you can do it yourself, but most of the time that's not the case. Whether you want to join the filters to your HVAC, or just looking for the right spot, we offer installation services.

Maintenance and repairing are the most important tasks that determine how well your filters will perform over their lifespan, and the longevity too. Without periodic maintenance, air filters become unusable and stop filtering completely, depending on the type of filter being used. We have routine maintenance services that save you from this hassle. In the event of a breakdown, our experts will repair your filtrations systems and get it running in no time. We can also help decide when it should be replaced, rather than repaired, to save your money.

Whatever the need, we at Williams always have your convenience in mind. If you live in Guilford County, call us any day of the week to get an appointment, and our teams of experts will be at your doorstep in no time at all.

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