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At Williams Plumbing, Heating & Air, we offer all types of services regarding faucets and other plumbing jobs. We have experience serving the people of Guilford County for over 45 years, and our goal is to achieve the best customer satisfaction and work efficiency. Whether it's choosing the right faucet for your setup, installation, repair, or replacement, we're here to help.


As you can find thousands of options in the market, all offering various features and focuses, it's difficult to choose the perfect one for your kitchen or bath.

  • Budget
  • It's the defining criteria that'll allow you to choose any type of faucet you want. But, the budget can be high or low. At a limited budget, better planning is needed to get the best one for the buck, and you might need to overlook some features. Generally, lavatory faucets are cheaper than kitchen faucets, but the price is variable. To make it a lasting experience, you should spend just enough.
  • Material selection
  • Depending on reliability, aesthetics, and expense, you can choose among various materials like plastic, ceramic, steel, etc. For example, ceramic is great for long-term usage without any issue, while plastic is a choice for a short-term and cheaper option, and steel is in-between but often experiences corrosion. The faucet should look close to the basin or tub itself, to avoid mismatches. Depending on what finish you have, the looks and durability can change. Options include chrome, nickel and bronze. Choose the material carefully.
  • Design and convenience
  • The overall design of your faucet should be beautiful yet convenient. Often we see beautiful designs with some horrible design flaws, like too big of a tap handle that gets stuck or is harder to control on a limited space, the spout height with too low clearance or too high to fit, the endpoint netting that controls the flow of water when it comes out. If done wrong, this netting can cause turbulent water flow instead of beautiful laminar ones. All these are design choices that reflect the experience.
  • Match the mechanism
  • Faucets come with various configurations and holes. Matching the number of holes with your sinkhole can come in handy. For hot, cold, and spout handle, your faucet should have a sufficient amount of coverage, otherwise, you won't be able to use it fully with your current setup.


With a long insight into the marketplace, our experts can choose the right faucet for the given budget and setup you have. We can help you install your new faucet in the bathroom or kitchen, and have a periodic maintenance service to keep your systems running smooth and up to the mark. In the event of a breakdown, we can help repair the faucets. Sometimes, repairing is just inefficient compared to having a new one. We also offer replacement services to replace your old ones with a new set of faucets.

No matter what sort of issues you're facing regarding plumbing, call us anytime 24/7 to get an appointment in Guilford County, and our teams of experts will be at your doorstep in no time. Having the perfect plumbing setup is the key to a long-lasting experience and convenience, and we're determined to provide you that.

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Darlene Mizell

So knowledgable and interested. Brandon took time to review his findings and explain them to me. He took pride in knowing he left a truly cleaned and maintained system for me ( the customer ) super nice guy. Called to let me know he was on the way prior to arriving. I feel confident the system is now ready for the summer to provide me with cool clean air. Thanks Brandon and the Williams team.

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