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Attic Tents


Attic tents are an efficient and environment-friendly way to minimize energy loss through other elements. The attic tent is a great, low-cost solution to energy waste and higher efficiency output from a given HVAC system. If you're considering buying one for your attic, we at Williams are here to help you. Our experts have over 45 years of experience working with HVAC systems, control, and weather control systems for your utmost indoor comfort whether it's home or office around Guilford County.


Primarily, attic tents are used to maintain a minimized energy waste. They achieve this by covering the whole attic opening tightly with a tenting system, therefore removing any openings and leakages. Due to the use of isolating materials, attic tents can block indoor conditioned heat and air to go outside and vise versa, helping to maintain a constant temperature inside your attic, and saving energy in the process.

Generally, homes are easy to maintain temperature without much waste. But, attics are harder to build in order to prevent any leakages and openings, due to their structure, for which people often shy away from equipping their HVAC systems with the attic. An attic tent makes it easier by efficiently isolating your attic and also lets you come in and out of it without any issue.


The best systems are often the simplest. An attic tent is just that, it's very simple in structure and installation. The idea is simple, to use an insulating material as a cover to stop energy waste. The implementation is also very simple. You can literally staple the tent in its desired places without needing to drill or fasten them with other components. The cost is also very low, which gets nullified within a year of usage as the attic tents will help lower your electricity bills by saving energy. You also get more continuous heating or cooling.

Attic tents are also very useful if you have a damaged or malfunctioning system, like leaking ductwork. By sealing the whole area, they create an isolated area and your leaked ductwork technically won't affect your heating or cooling. You can also easily get inside and out with the help of zippers. Additionally, the attic tent will also prevent outside dust and mold particles to enter your home and affect your indoor air quality. All around, it's a great thing to use.


Although they're very efficient and simple at what they do, choosing the right sized product for your home considering your budget can be as confusing as the first-time installation trial. If done wrong, attic tents might lose their efficiency and end up leaking heat, which defeats the purpose. We at Williams can help you choose the right one for your target area, help you install the tent and test effectiveness, and so on.

If you live around Guilford County and are looking for experts to properly do this setup, call us anytime. Our on-call emergency service lets you have a secured appointment with just one call.

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